Rival Mob: Mob Justice 12"

Revelation Records


Eagerly-anticipated new LP from this Boston hardcore band, and the general consensus seems to be that it lives up to the hype. Already in its second pressing (my first press copies sold out before I could even get them on the site), this is the record that everyone who bought the Boston Strangler LP last year wants now. If you care about the actual sound and not just the color of the vinyl, you'll get some undeniably catchy, well-written hardcore that is a little more late-80s than early 80s, and a little more NYC than Boston. I hear a LOT of Warzone here (particularly in all the guitarist's divebombs), as well as Krakdown, prime-era Sick of It All, etc. I dare say this is just as good as anything by those bands as well... believe the hype. Note: these copies are from the second press on red vinyl. Revelation Records