Ritual Control: No Affinity 7"

Residue Records

$2.50 $5.50

By now you should know that you can always count on Residue Records for some no-nonsense punk, and this new Ritual Control 7" certainly delivers. I'm pretty sure we carried their demo in the distro, but this 7" is really knocking me out. There's definitely a kind of 90s aesthetic at play here... the music is metallic, punk, and hardcore at the same time in the manner of, say, His Hero Is Gone or Artimus Pyle, but you can also feel the band's connections to the kind of earnest Bay Area hardcore punk of bands like No Statik, Look Back and Laugh, and Needles... and like all of the bands mentioned above this one is all about POWER. A killer EP.

Tags: 10s fast gb325 hardcore USA yoobl