Rik & the Pigs: Life's a Bust 7" (new)

Feel It Records


The second 7” from RIK AND THE PIGS is finally here, a smoking follow-up to 2015's "Pig Sweat" single on Total Punk. “Life's A Bust” features three new tracks recorded between Rik's time in Portland and his new home base of Olympia, WA. Side A boasts two cuts of completely savage and hook-filled punk – exactly the kind of snot and filth that you'd expect from Rik & Co. On the flip, “Life's A Bust” is a completely different animal, a loose and driving five minute tune featuring incredible guitar work and drumming from Michael Liebman and Corey Rose of Olympia's VEXX. Cut loud at 45RPM by Josh Bonati and housed in a full color glue pocket sleeve, this just might be the ultimate Pigs release to date.

Our take: New three-songer from the much-hyped Rik & the Pigs. Their previous EP on Total Punk sold out so fast that we weren't even able to get copies for Sorry State, so this is really the first time I'm sitting down with Rik & the Pigs since their demo tape. I must admit they've come a long way in terms of the power and focus of the recordings, but what made them catch on originally is still very much intact. To me, this pretty much sounds like KBD punk updated for the Lumpy generation... the novelty / fake punk influence is very much present (and will definitely annoy people with no sense of humor!), but like the best KBD classics (think tracks like Freestone's "Bummer Bitch"), the goofiness is wrapped in snappy, pop-oriented songwriting. Like other KBD acts such as the Village Pistols, they also troll the audience a little bit with the lengthy, Stones / Soft Boys-esque b-side here, and while I prefer the snappy, manic pop of the two tracks on the a-side I still play the flip every time. If their last single is any indication this isn't bound to stick around long, so pick this up quick if you follow Rik or similar bands like Coneheads, Cal & the Calories, Liquids, CCTV, etc.
Tags: 10s garage punk recommended