Rik & the Pigs: Don't Tell on Me 7"

Total Punk Records


Total Punk favs Rik & the Pigs are back with a brand new single and here to prove their grime comes in more than one flavor."Don't Tell On Me" is greasier than crisco and harder to get out of your fur. Sleazy glam snot of the highest order. Flip this baby over and you get a cover of Candy Slice’s “Gimmie Mick” sour enough to make you pucker them lips. Sleazy, greasy and 100% TOTAL PUNK!

Our take: The b-side of their previous single on Feel It hinted at a Rolling Stones influence lurking in the background of Rik & the Pigs' sound, but this new single on Total Punk goes headlong into Stones fascination. The a-side is an original tune that bears the clear influence of early 70s stones, particularly Exile on Main Street. If you could imagine a modern raw punk band in the Lumpy mold playing Exile-esque rock on noticeably out of tune instruments, that's what you get here. I'm not going to lie, that description sounds absolutely terrible, but I really like it nonetheless as it still carries forward the brilliant pop sensibility that made everyone pay attention to this band in the first place. As for the b-side, it goes about declaring its Stones influence in a different way. If the liner notes are to be believed, this is a cover of a novelty tune that appeared on an old episode of Saturday Night Live called "Gimme Mick" (composed by Paul Shaffer and Gilda Radner!), the premise of which was to pay tribute to Mick Jagger himself. I don't remember the skit in question so I can't comment as to how it compares to the original, but surprisingly Rik's version sounds more like raw, punk-ified Fleetwood Mac than the raw, punk-ified Stones of the a-side... as a result, this track kind of weirdly sounds like Sheer Mag. I think that at this point this description is approaching incoherence, so I'm going to wrap this up. I have to say this is a total head-scratcher of a record, but in a world full of clone bands it's kind of remarkable to hear a record that sounds so unexpected and so unlike anything I've heard before. Some people will undoubtedly hate this, but I have to say I'm on board.
Tags: 10s garage punk recommended