Rik and the Pigs: S/T Cassette

Lumpy Records


Another mysterious cassette release from the Lumpy camp. I'm not sure when or where this came from, but it's some gnarly, piss-raw rock and roll for sure. I guess that at their core these are garage-punk songs... they're built around pretty garage-y riffs, but the vocals are so snotty and nasty and the sound is so blown out and raw (yet still really powerful) that it makes you think of hardcore as well. I suppose in that respect it's kind of like the early Reatards stuff, or maybe even Sick Thoughts, but with a much more pronounced rock and roll influence, particularly in the lead guitar playing. Still, there's enough gnarliness that the Lumpy faithful will certainly be pleased, particularly if you dig on the Cal & the Calories stuff. I'd bet money that this will receive a stellar review in Terminal Boredom and perhaps even an offer for a single on Total Punk, and it deserves it.

Tags: 10s garage raw recommended