Rhythm Of Cruelty: Dysphoria 12"

Crude City Records


After a tape and a 7", here's the debut LP from Canada's Rhythm of Cruelty. They're still quite beholden to their influences... this is dark, melodic post-punk a la Sad Lovers and Giants, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Savages, etc., and it's extremely well executed. Sometimes I wish they'd pick up the tempo and do something a little poppier (a la their namesake Magazine or newer stuff like Pleasure Leftists), but if you want it kept dark Rhythm of Cruelty definitely have your covers. I also have to say I love this band's logo... for whatever reason I find it extremely pleasing to the eye. At any rate, if you liked this band's previous releases or if you just dig dark, dirgey yet melodic post-punk in general this is a good listen.

Tags: 10s canada female-fronted melodic post-punk