RHDP: Parusa 7"

Tension Head Records

$2.00 $5.00

When Jeff pulled this record out of its mailer he blurted out "RED HOT DILL PICKLES," and it's officially all that I can think of when I see the cover of this record. I'm not one to let a stupid joke ruin a record for me, though, and when I slapped this one on I got some awesome catchy punk. Musically, this is kind rock and roll-inflected classic punk with a hardcore heaviness, and right off the bat it reminds me a bit of Ruleta Rusa or Los Monjo, but heavier and grittier. There are some Hot Snakes vibes to the riffing and even a weird, swmapy breakdown that kind of sounds like a different band with the same vocalist (maybe kind of Annihilation Time-y?), but then it's back to punk. I think if you'd blindfolded me and told me this was a new band from the Houston crew behind Secret Prostitutes / No Talk / The Real Energy / etc. I would have no trouble believing it, but fans of anything from Cloak/Dagger to Annihilation Time will have no problem enjoying this. Plus, it's always good to hear something good coming out of my abandoned homeland of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Tags: 10s noisy punk