Revenge 88: Neon Light 12"

Belgian Waffles Records

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Hello again to all bloody belgium punk fans !!! It's here and it's a beautifull new release from Belgian Waffles Records , following the Stagebeast 7" out a few month ago , we continue the "north coast"
punk history with a 12" from Revenge 88 , in fact this is the band whichfollowed Stagebeast , nearlysame line-up , fronted by Frank Dubbe , who'sstill singing in a more rock'n'roll version of Revenge 88 today...On this 12" you'll find the "A" and "B" sides of both ( and only ) 7's from the band ,both out on J.D.M. in '81 and '82 , two collectors 7's today , try to find one... .In addition to those 4 songs we added an unreleased cut found on the master .In fact , we were hoppefully surprised to find the original master when we were searching for band photos and archives , which is more than rare in belgian punk investigations , so aside the punk/wave hit "Neonlight" , "Alone" , "Thousand years from you" and "Unwanted son" you can hear for the first time in 35 years the song "Babylon" from the same session than "Neonlight" , just another killer recording , no more !! The record is filled with a double sided color insert with cool fotos and other  memorabilias , a text by Stefaan Delarue , a close band fan and friend from the early hour . Now it's just time to get a copy and play it loud and louder on 45 rpm , cheers !!!

Our take: Discography release from this early 80s Belgian punk band, featuring the tracks from their two singles as well as a heretofore unreleased track from those sessions. Revenge 88 grew out of the Belgian punk band Stagebeast (whose single was also recently reissued), and they carry forward somewhat with the UK-meets-New York punk of that band. Stagebeast was actually signed to EMI, and the professionalism carries over here as well, though streaked with an abundance of that trademark punk rock nihilism. But these are well-written, well-played, and well-recorded tunes that are definitely a step above the second- and third-wave punk that the UK was pumping out at the time. The songcraft and the complexity of the riffing give this more of a "rock" vibe, but it's shot through with so much energy and heaviness that it's still very punk. If you're a fan of the Heartbreakers' LAMF, the rock-inflected bands from the Raw Records roster, or even the wider '77-inspired sound from across Europe (everything from Ivy Green to Nolla Nolla Nolla) this is well worth a listen. Super cool artwork too!
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