Retretes: Aguantando Como Pueda 7" (new)

World Gone Mad Records


After two excellent demos released in limited quantities by grabaciones PURO PEDO out of Monterrey, Mexico, RETRETES delivered a third demo limited to a mere 35 copies that WGM is now presenting to the world in vinyl format. Dirty and trashy garage punk rock basura with just the right amount of catchy, snotty melodies with tons of grit to back it up. RETRETES play self-styled punk rock that is a great musical addition to a city with a long standing history of great bands. A perfect reflection of living a life that is as equally hostile to you as you are to it, trying to kill the boredom with rock’n’roll, only hating your loved ones a little less than everyone else.

Our take: Another killer Mexican punk band gets their vinyl debut courtesy of Philadelphia's World Gone Mad... I guess that the Haldol / Blank Spell Mexican tour was pretty fruitful in terms of A&R for WMG, huh? Good for them... it seems like Mexico has an incredibly fertile punk scene and I'm glad to see that more of it is being documented. Anyway, this particular recording from Retretes kind of makes me think of the Replacements' Stink if it had come from Mexico in the year 2016. The thing that I've always found really interesting about Stink is that it's a case of a classic-style punk (or maybe even just rock?) band temporarily adopting the sound and aesthetic of the US hardcore scene. The result is a really interesting collision of styles that is, to my knowledge at least, utterly unique to that record. Retretes have a similar thing going on. With totally different production I could see them being a fairly straightforward garage band... there are elements that remind me of neo-garage-punk and some older/KBD punk as well (particularly the Kids, who I dare say must be a direct influence), but on this recording they don't sound anything like the typical (US and European, at least) bands who go for that style. They have the trebly, trashy production of all the recent Mexican punk I've been hyping through SSR, and even though the style of music is completely different the music is just as gritty, interesting, and urgent. By grouping together so many disparate bands under the term "recent Mexican punk" I realize that I'm overly simplifying things, but more than perhaps any other band from that scene Retretes have a voice so distinctive that it can't simply be absorbed into that over-arching description. A totally singular record, and highly recommended whether you're a garage turkey or deep into the worldwide DIY hardcore scene.
Tags: 10s mexico punk raw recommended yoobl