Response: demo cassette

Video Disease Records


Four-song demo from this new California band featuring Branden from Video Disease / Stoic Violence on vocals. They describe themselves on their bandcamp as Can't Close My Eyes-era Youth of Today worship, and they do a pretty darn good job of it... the way that they transition into their (very traditional straight edge hardcore) breakdowns screams "early Revelation records," as do the kind-of-cheesy little bass fills that tend to punctuate those breakdowns. As you might expect given the members' lengthy track records, everything about this demo is spot-on, from the songwriting to the recording to the layout (pro-printed cassettes and j-cards... nice!). The punks may run screaming in the other direction, but if you dig stuff like No Tolerance and Protester this is definitely one of the best straight edge hardcore demos I've heard in quite a while.

Tags: 10s hardcore sxe