Replacements: Stink 12"

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When the Replacements' second 12" release, the "Stink" mini-LP, dropped in June 1982, the band members had emerged from their respective garages to become an epic force in Minneapolis' vital music scene. Much tighter than their debut LP released a year earlier, it sounds as if the band is merciless, barely even stopping for air between tracks. Paul Westerberg's songs bristled with anger against all manner of middle-class irritants, as he spit vitriol at his "God Damn Job" and told school to go fuck itself. An adrenaline-fueled masterpiece, this classic finds the group's legendary founding line-up ripping through eight songs in a breathless fifteen minutes. This reissue a dedicated repro of the original '82 pressing that now fetches big bucks on the collectors market: one-of-a-kind hand-stamped covers, custom printed labels, and great sound quality.
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