Reigning Sound: Live at Goner Records 12"

Goner Records


It all happened on a rainy afternoon in June, 2005, at the Goner Shop. Following a sweaty Saturday night gig at Memphisäó» favorite dive bar, The Buccaneer, Reigning Sound sets up in front of a roomful of hungover heathens and blazes through fifteen-and-a-half pounders, including covers of The Shamäó»s äóìBlack Sheep,äó? The Swinginäó» Yo-Yoäó»säó» äóìDo Something,äó? and of course, Carl Perkinsäó» äóìTennessee.äó? Scream with shock and delight as Greg Cartwright gets electrocuted during a Compulsive Gamblers song!

Originally released as a limited-edition CDR to raise funds for Katrina victims in late äó»05, and nationally on vinyl the next year, the LP has been out of print for over half a decade. This new pressing includes a complimentary digital download. Itäó»s a document of an amazing band and an amazing show, in glorious full fidelity. Itäó»s Reigning Sound: Live at Goner Records!
Tags: 10s garage melodic