Regurgitation: Complete Recordings 12" (new)

FOAD Records


New Jersey’s REGURGITATION were James Plotkin and Alan Dubin’s (later in O.L.D., Khanate etc)
first musical incarnation and a total cult in the late 80s tape-traders’ scene. Those of you
who were familiar to O.L.D.‘s bone-crushing debut album “Old Lady Drivers” on Earache will
probably remember that the front cover had a sticker reading..: “Insane Mega-Speed Thrash with
crazy vocals. Highly original Hardcore from ex-members of REGURGITATION“. Well, this is that
band and here you get their complete discography transfered from the original reels and mastered
by the genius of James Plotkin himself. 13 songs of blasting super-fast Death/Thrashcore
(or simply early day Grind) with those distinctive and caustic vocals that later became a
trademark in O.L.D. Forget the shit-quality bootlegs you might have seen around before, this
collection is hands down the ultimate most exhaustive and best sounding offering. It collects
the 2 Demos “Organic backwash” (1986) and “Bathrooms rule” (1987), “Pesticide” from “Speed
Metal Hell Vol. 3” and some great soundboard live recordings. It comes in a thick gatefold
sleeve including extensive liner notes by J. Plotkin, Jon “Metalion“ and a fanzine-styled
booklet with photos, original tape artworks, rare flyers and ‘zine excerpts. If you enjoyed
FOAD’s previous works of pioneering US Grind/Thrash speed monsters (Terrorizer, Cryptic Slaughter,
Wehrmacht, Lethal Aggression) you can’t miss yet another classic of that kind!
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