Red Red Krovvy: S/T 7"

Helta Skelta Records


2nd 7" from this Australian band with a few well-regarded cassette releases and a previous 7" on RIP Society. This EP definitely continues Australia's recent trend of absolutely killing it... Red Red Kroovy are kind of raw and primal, but without falling into the trap of sounding too much like any one particular era or band that they sound overly retro. I'm kind of stumped for reference points because this just sounds so straightforwardly punk that there's really not another word you need to attach to it. The riffs are really simple and straightforward, but it's just mega catchy and mean. If you're into recent bands like the UV Race, Deaf Wish, etc. you'll definitely want to check this out, but it also has more than a little of the Murder Punk sound of bands like the Victims and Razar in it as well.

Tags: australia/nz female-fronted garage punk yoobl