Red Death: S/T 7"

Grave Mistake Records


Demo-on-vinyl from this DC group featuring a couple of North Carolina boys on guitar and drums. When this band started I remember hearing that it was going to be full-on Corrosion of Conformity worship, and I suppose I can hear that in places. There's definitely a slight crossover feel to some of the riffs, so if it sounds like COC at all it's like some mythical unreleased material from between Eye for an Eye and Animosity. I hear a lot of modern sounds in this as well, though... I know several members of this band have an abiding love for Out Cold, and it sounds a lot more like a slightly more complex, crossover-inflected version of Out Cold to me. A ripper of a demo, and sounds about a million times better than the tape so it's well worth the upgrade even if you picked it up the first time around.
Tags: 10s crossover hardcore USA ushc yoobl