Rectal Hygienics: Even The Flies Won't Touch You 12"

Torn Light Rrecords


I have to admit I don't know much about this band at all... I think they're maybe from Chicago(?) and they definitely have more than a little bit of the Youth Attack / Mysterious Guy Hardcore aesthetic about them, both in the kind of noisy, uncomfortable nature of the music and the absolutely gorgeous packaging that accompanies this release. They don't really sound as hardcore as most Youth Attack bands... it's more of an AmRep-style noise-rock thing, and the sort of the weird crunch to the guitars even makes me think of proto-industrial stuff like early Big Black. Like the best bands of that genre, the vocals are super up front and catchy and there's a lead guitarist doing some crazy, Greg Ginn-inspired avant garde weirdness that I really like. Definitely one of the strongest noise rock records I've heard in ages.

Tags: 10s hardcore midwest noise rock noisy