Razz: Plesantries 7"

Warm Wet Records


Newish SF/Oakland band, led by Dan from THE PETS and including Andy from THE WORLD and REPTOIDS!

Our take: Four-song EP of legit power pop from this Bay Area band. Let's face it, most stuff that gets labeled "power-pop" just flat-out sucks. The problem isn't so much the "power" part... that is relatively easy to accomplish with some big amps and big chords. The problem is the "pop" part. Despite the fact that zillions of people have tried their hand at the form, the simple elegance of the pop song has not been exhausted as a creative form. Just like other simple poetic forms--the sonnet, even the limerick--the formula is straightforward--you have a few verses, a chorus, and a bridge--but that simple form lends itself to almost limitless complexity. Most bands simply have no idea what to do in the face of this complexity, and the form is so simple and so straightforward that it immediately reveals any shortcomings in ability. The biggest culprit is usually the singer... we all have fancy little boxes that tune our guitars for us, but so few people can sing in the way that it seems like just about everyone could back in the late 70s. Well, Razz don't have any of those problems. They can write the fuck out of a song, and their singer can sing (especially when the harmonies come in... and trust me, I'm fully aware that harmonies are like a giant field of landmines that most power-pop bands either completely avoid or walk into blindly). While Razz aren't quite as jangly as, say, the Exploding Hearts, lots of the other power-pop reference points apply here, so if you're into the Real Kids, the Plimsouls, Paul Collins Beat, and the other bands who qualify as best of the best power pop you should check this out. An absolutely killer EP!
Tags: 10s 77&KBD gb325 melodic power-pop recommended