Razorheads: Black Blade 7"

Electric Assault Records


Our take: Latest EP from this New Jersey band and it's a lot gnarlier and uglier than their previous work. If you assumed by the band's name and their Abused-esque artwork that they were some kind of NYHC / skinhead band you are dead wrong, because this is full-bore d-beat noise that takes the Discharge template and pushes the noise elements even further than, say, Disclose did. I also feel like there's a bit of early black metal in the mix here... while the nods to that style aren't as apparent as they have been on Paranoid's recent records, the nastiness of these songs (particularly the production and the vocal sound) recalls the sheer ugliness of bands like Celtic Frost and early Sodom. If you're interested where the thread that was pulled by bands like Disclose throughout the 90s has led, look no further than this. One of the most brutal, uncompromising and unique d-beat records in recent memory.
Tags: 10s d-beat gb325 hardcore noisy raw recommended