Raydios: Craps b/w Teacher's Pet 7"

Secret Mission Records


Christmas must be around the corner, because Tokyo’s The Raydios are at it again with a brand new EP on Secret Mission Records! Two killer tunes from Fifi & Co, that are a little more lo-fi, tough sounding then what we’re normally used to from these guys. It’s evident from this record that the recent Teengenerate reunion might have been an inspiration. Craps on the A-side is a catchy punker that’s kind of reminiscent of some of that great New England stuff like Nervous Eaters or may be even The Reducers. Teacher’s Pet, on the flip, is actually what should play in the back ground as a gang of leather jacket clad jerks walks through the halls of their high school, taking down posters and cocking fists at jocks. This is a fun a little record, that’s a must have, from one of the best bands in the world. But, of course, those of you who are hip to these guys and their history already knew it. Better hurry up! Only 500 copies pressed!
Tags: 10s garage gb325 japan melodic raw recommended yoobl