Raw Meat: Demo 7"

Vinyl Rites Records

$2.50 $5.00

Demo-on-a-7" from this NY band that features members of Nomos and Rival Mob. Vinyl Rites isn't exactly known for putting demo material to wax, so you know this is is good, and indeed it's a ripper. I can definitely see fans of the Rival Mob going nuts for this as it has a similarly heavy, mean, and propulsive quality, but there's a little more of an underground / crust-type influence that comes through in the the riffs and the noisy guitar sound. If you dig the 'Mob, Iron Age, Boston Strangler, or other bands that seem to cross over between the neo-straight edge and Chaos in Tejas-type scenes then this is one essential little platter. Vinyl Rites Records

Tags: 10s sXe USA USHC