Rattus: Ratcage 12"

Radiation Records


Yes! All of the Rattus material has been undergoing a painfully slow reissue process over the course of the past several years, and all the while I've been waiting for them to get to this, my favorite Rattus material. I know some people prefer the three-piece lineup, but I've always loved this LP. Annikki's vocals sound incredible, and this is one of the most powerful production jobs that the band ever got. As for the music, the band was just pure hardcore at this point, having moved past their punkier beginnings and not quite having embraced metal as much as they would later on. In a word, this is just a classic European hardcore LP. Stoked to see this reissue, and better yet it's on Italy's Radiation Records, so it's a bit cheaper than the other recent Rattus reissues on Finland's Svart Records. Radiation Records

Tags: 80s finland reissues Scandinavia yoobl