Rí_ttens Krater: Stora Stí_ten 7"


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Debut EP from this new Swedish band who have a really cool sound. They sort of remind me of Cola Freaks, but without the neo-garage rock, Ramones-style hyperactivity. Instead, Rí_ttens Krater concentrate on the quirky, post-punk end of the spectrum without losing the punk energy. There are big hooks, but they're delivered with an awkward, creepiness (especially in the haunting keyboard parts) that keeps it from being anywhere near syrupy. If you dig classic Cola Freaks tracks like "Ingenting Set" or the more melodic end of the K-Town spectrum (like No Hope for the Kids or the later Gorilla Angreb stuff) this one is highly recommended. Self-released

Tags: 10s melodic post-punk Scandinavia