Rättens Krater: Nordvästpassagen 7"

Rebegram Records


Latest 7" from this underrated Swedish band. On their previous records I thought they had quite a bit in common with their neighbors to the south in Cola Freaks, and while they still have the same basic setup (i.e. rock band with some swooshing synth noises added in), their music has gotten a lot denser and more complex since their last record. I want to say they sound more post-punk; however, by that I don't simply mean that they use a chorus pedal (indeed, they don't as far as I can tell), but rather that they have an ambitious sense of atmosphere and a complexity to their songwriting that I associate with the best bands of the post-punk era. Only three songs here, but they're all high-energy, unique songs that'll be worth multiple listens if you're into this style of quirky yet poppy, post-punk-informed garage.
Tags: 10s garage melodic scandinavia sweden synth-punk