Ratas del Vaticano: Rafagueados 2x7"

Bat Shit Records


Brand new double 7" from this Mexico City band. I remember reading about these guys a few years ago in Maximumrocknroll, but this is actually the first record of their I've been able to get my hands on. Predictably (since MRR rarely hypes anything that's straight up bad), this is really, really awesome. The band encompass a lot of styles on this lengthy EP, from raw and mean hardcore that's quite comparable to what fellow Mexicans Inservibles are doing to spookier-sounding stuff that has an even more pronounced Rudimentary Peni influence, and even more melodic stuff that almost fits with the Silla Electrica / R.O.B.O. school of recent Madrid bands (though Ratas del Vaticano are MUCH more raw). It's always exciting to hear punk and hardcore from places like Mexico that we don't hear from too often, though this record would be well worth your time no matter where it was from. An absolutely killer collection of songs... highly recommended. Bat S*** Records

Tags: 10s garage goth-punk Latin America noisy post-punk