Rata Negra: S/T 7" (new)

MMM Records


Spain has been on the top of its game lately for great punk bands and Rata Negra is no exception. The band formed when "Juanita" from Juanita y Los Feos and Pablo, drummer for La URSS got together in Madrid and started playing. The result is just what you would hope, top notch melodic and dark punk along the lines of Ultimo Resorte, Agent Orange, Adolescents and even Wipers. Here is their debut 7" giving you 4 songs. Folks in LA already got a shot at the 7" when Rata Negra played a house party last month around the Juanita y Los Feos U.S./Mexico tour. Don't sleep on this one

Our take: Four-song 7" from this new Spanish project band featuring members of Juanita Y Los Feos and La Urss. Man, that Violeta from Juanita Y Los Feos sure has some distinctive vocals! I think that almost prevented me from really getting into this EP at first because they were so instantly recognizable that it was difficult for me to hear how this project was different than Juanita Y Los Feos, but really it's quite a lot different. It's certainly punkier and more driving, but it's also built around really interesting harmonic interplay between the bass and guitars. I remember the label's description mentioned something about the Adolescents, and I definitely hear that in the slightly surf-inflected harmonies, particularly when they're paired with those classic 16th-note-on-the-ride punk beats. Certainly this is a mandatory purchase for any fans of Juanita Y Los Feos, but really anyone into music that has a sense of melody but is still very punk (particularly Generacion Suicida or La Urss) will also flip out for this thing. I really hope this isn't a one-and-done kind of project, because this EP is killer!
Tags: 10s melodic punk recommended spain spanish-language yoobl