Rat Columns: Do You Remember Real Pain 12"

Adagio Records


DAVID WEST (RANK/XEROX, TOTAL CONTROL, LACE CURTAIN) delivers five new songs of his shoegaze driven earnest unashamed guitar pop. Five songs of wonderful frosted jangle, sad pop post punk with potential ear wings that let you melt away under the sun on some beach. Just beautiful. The new record goes hand in hand with their current European tour and gets a pressing of 500 records with silkscreened covers.

Our take: One of two recently-released 12" EPs from this Total Control / Rank/Xerox guitarist. This isn't really anything like either of those bands, though... there's really no post-punk here, just low-key yet lush pop music. I'm not really sure why the description above drops the word "shoegaze" because there are none of the big, distorted guitars I associate with that genre. Instead, it reminds me quite a lot of Big Star... like that band, there's a deft combination of pop sensibility and post-Phil Spector orchestration, and the vibe of the recording also evokes that vintage 70s, Laurel-Canyon-but-not sound. I don't typically follow bands of this style, but I'm on my third listen in a row to this and I'm loving it. It's a little different, but obviously this guy has a sensibility that appeals to the punks who are most likely reading this.
Tags: 10s australia/nz melodic punk