Raspberry Bulbs: Privacy 12"

Blackest Ever Black Records


Finally, the long-anticipated new album from Raspberry Bulbs! I loved their first album, Deformed Worship, and after a handful of listens I think this one is even better. Raspberry Bulbs are such a weird, unclassifiable band... they have ties to the black metal scene (the main guy was in Bone Awl), and while it's tough to call anything that Raspberry Bulbs does black metal per se (or even metal, for that matter), you can tell that they have spent a lot of time thinking about atmosphere in the way that black metal bands are prone to do. The music, however, is simple, brooding and direct punk... thanks to the tempos they tend to employ it might garner a comparison to something like No Trend or Fang, but there's generally a lot more going on here than with those bands... the guitar parts are really interesting... almost melodic, and moving towards a post-punk sound a la Magazine or Public Image Ltd or something like that. There are also several tracks that are just pure noise compositions that actually hold my attention and don't feel like filler... in fact, they really add to the overall atmospheric feeling I mentioned above. At the end of the day, all that you can say about this record is that it's completely brilliant... very highly recommended.

Tags: 10s black metal metal recommended