Rajayttajat: Tulee Taas 7"

White Denim Records


Latest single from this Finnish band who had a great LP on Dead Beat a while back. This one is a tough one to describe, and I can't emphasize enough how refreshing that is in a landscape of soundalike bands. Basically, if you like '77 punk (particularly of the European variety) and the more adventurous melodic modern garage stuff you'll like this... the songs are upbeat, guitar-heavy, and totally rocking and melodic, but they're also really kind of strange. This definitely would appeal to a KBD-type sensibility, but without the affected rawness that marks so many modern bands going for the KBD sound. Basically, if that description intrigues you at all you should get this because it's totally awesome.

Tags: '77 & KBD 10s finland garage melodic scandinavia