Radioactivity: Silent Kill 12"

Dirtnap Records


Seems pretty safe to assume that almost no one doubted Radioactivity’s ability to follow up their 2013 Dirtnap debut with something equally stunning. Frontman and chief songwriter Jeff Burke (The Marked Men, The Reds, The Potential Johns) has certainly done more than enough to earn that kind of expectation and pressure. But Silent Kill, which finds Burke backed by Marked Men compatriot Mark Ryan and two-thirds of Bad Sports (Daniel Fried and Gregory Rutherford), does more than merely match the virtues of its self-titled predecessor.

Our take: Well, folks, the second Radioactivity LP is finally here! Their debut was certainly a classic within their genre (whatever you might want to call it... garage-pop? post-pop-punk? melodic 16th-note-core?), so I'm sure people are hotly anticipating this new one. On first listen, I have to say it is a little bit different. While those omnipresent 16th notes are still putting the drummer at high risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, overall Silent Kill is a little more mid-paced and less jittery than its predecessor. This isn't a bad thing, it just means that the focus on this record seems to have shifted slightly to emphasize melody over rhythm. If you typically down more than 20 ounces of red bull over the course of listening to an LP that might be bad news, but if you loved the big, melodic moments of the band's first LP like "The Last" or "Trusted You" (or, indeed, great Marked Men tracks like "Right Here with You") then you'll probably find that this LP sticks to your ribs even more than the first. As always, though, it seems like Jeff Burke is incapable of writing a clunker, so the question with any of his records is never "is it good or not?," but rather, "how good is it?" This one is really, really good, and if you're a fan of this band or this sound you absolutely need it.
Tags: 10s garage melodic pop-punk power-pop recommended