Radio Hearts: Lot to Learn 7"

No Front Teeth Records

$2.75 $5.50

debut release from this band that follows the path of the Buzzcocks, the Boys and those fantastic Shake Some Action comp cds

Our take: England's No Front Teeth Records are one of the top purveyors of punk in the '77 style all across the world, so it's hardly surprising that they're releasing this new 4-songer from California's Radio Hearts. '77 UK punk is probably my favorite style and era of music, and I'd be willing to bet that Radio Hearts have a lot of the same reference points... bands like the Buzzcocks, the Boys, the Adverts, Generation X, and the like, i.e. the bands that pioneered the heavy and fast punk/pop (but not pop-punk!) style. The danger with playing this style of music nowadays is that the production sounds too modern and/or too gooey and you end up sounding either like Burger Records garage-pop, 90s TKO-style street punk, or Lookout!-style pop-punk, all of which might be legitimate styles in their own write, but also exist as pitfalls to the pop-infused, '77-inspired band. I'm pleased to report that Radio Heart avoid all of those pitfalls and hit the nail squarely on the head with a great, guitar-heavy punk sound. If you like the sound of modern bands like the Tranzmitors, Fashionism, or Pierre et Bastien, give this band a shot and I'm sure they'll win you over.
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