Radio Hearts: Lot to Learn 7"

No Front Teeth Records


debut release from this band that follows the path of the Buzzcocks, the Boys and those fantastic Shake Some Action comp cds

Our take: England's No Front Teeth Records are one of the top purveyors of punk in the '77 style all across the world, so it's hardly surprising that they're releasing this new 4-songer from California's Radio Hearts. '77 UK punk is probably my favorite style and era of music, and I'd be willing to bet that Radio Hearts have a lot of the same reference points... bands like the Buzzcocks, the Boys, the Adverts, Generation X, and the like, i.e. the bands that pioneered the heavy and fast punk/pop (but not pop-punk!) style. The danger with playing this style of music nowadays is that the production sounds too modern and/or too gooey and you end up sounding either like Burger Records garage-pop, 90s TKO-style street punk, or Lookout!-style pop-punk, all of which might be legitimate styles in their own write, but also exist as pitfalls to the pop-infused, '77-inspired band. I'm pleased to report that Radio Heart avoid all of those pitfalls and hit the nail squarely on the head with a great, guitar-heavy punk sound. If you like the sound of modern bands like the Tranzmitors, Fashionism, or Pierre et Bastien, give this band a shot and I'm sure they'll win you over.
Tags: '77&KBD 10s garage melodic yoobl