Race Car: Build Your Own Go-Kart cassette



Demo cassette from this new California band... catchy punk with harsh-sounding drum machine that would fit in well on Lumpy Records. Recommended.

Our take: Under the radar ripper alert right here! If you're into the recent spate of catchy, novelty-infused punk on labels like Lumpy and Total Punk and coming out of places like Northwest Indiana, then Race Car should definitely be on your radar. With their drum machine-fueled rhythms and catchy songwriting they remind me a bit of Lumpy's Muff Divers, though not nearly as silly and over the top. The pumping drum machine also recalls bands like Urochromes, but after a little while you don't really even think about the fact that these songs are made with a drum machine because they're so damn well-crafted and catchy. Seriously, these are absolutely brilliant songs, and if one of the hip labels mentioned above doesn't put out a record by them sooner rather than later I would be quite surprised. Highly recommended!
Tags: 10s california garage punk recommended