Rabid Minds: demo cassette

Layin' Waste


You like riffs? I know I do and my boys dish them right here! Five tracks of true two steppin’ slammers! Classic hardcore bangers with a Boston feel delivered to you by the minds who brought you PERMANENT RUIN, BUSTED OUTLOOK and DEATH FIRST. This is a bicoastal project with heads from the SF bay area and NYC. Don’t wait for their first gig to snag the tape.. get on it!

Our take: Demo cassette from this new bi-coastal project band featuring members of Permanent Ruin, Busted Outlook, and Death First. I'm definitely hearing the Busted Outlook comparison, as this has that well-played, semi-polished, USHC-meets-NYHC-but-we-might-also-wear-an-Anti-Cimex-shirt thing that I associate with bands like Busted Outlook, Protester, and Public Suicide. I dare say fans of the less d-beaty bands from the recent Boston scene (i.e. No Tolerance) will probably get down hard with this. Super pro recording, ultra tight playing, really strong graphic design... there's absolutely no reason not to like this, and if they stick around and keep up their profile I could see this band turning a lot of heads. Lucky you, you get to get in on the ground floor!
Tags: 10s bay area gb325 hardcore recommended ushc