R.I.P.: Lekeitio 84 12"

Metadona Records


What can be said about RIP that haven't been said already? Honestly, not much about that mythical punk band from Arrasate (Basque Country). It was about 1984 when the label BCT (Bad Compilation Tapes) released the tape 'Spanish HC' with a few iberian bands from that time. Between them a brutal live set from RIP recorded on may 26th, 1984 in the coastal village of Lekeitio. Recovered and remarested by Jack Control in Texas, this live album see today's dawn in a nice and carefully packed Lp, with a cover that could not be other than their glourious logo, plus an insert of 12 black and white pages (A4). RIP in all its splendor, all its essence, and all the rage that this four piece band showed on their live gigs collecting until 12 legendary songs, with 5 tracks, as 'Antipolítica' or 'Crimen de Estado', which where forgotten on the oblivion. Those songs that you've always chanted and shouted, that unmistakable and rabid voice of Carlos, those riffs that made you shake your head and those lyrics as direct and angry... An historical punk band worldwide, which again comes by released on vinyl on Metadona Records with a really good sound for a live recording, wasting energy, rage and anger from every corner, where they most liked to be... on stage.
Tags: 80s europe punk reissues spain yoobl