Quitter: S/T 7"

Blow Blood Records

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From the ruins of Baltimore, QUITTER give us four tracks of synth-driven weirdo punk in the vein of Killed By Death meets too many B-grade 80’s mutant flicks. Think of Street Trash (1987) with all the characters played by punks and DEVO does the soundtrack but all the members are zombies on crack. Confused? Buy the record and listen for yourself, then it'll make sense. They're just as strange live as this record is too, this band is highly recommended in all formats! 

Our take: I think that when history turns its head to retrospectively evaluate the punk music of the particular era we're living in right now, it may very well be that its defining characteristic is a kind of deliberate omnivorousness with respect to genre. When I think of the mid-oughts they were an era defined by purity of influence... whether you're looking at hardcore, thrash metal, doom, or whatever, the key bands tended to be the ones who had a purity of influence and sound. Nowadays, even traditionally myopic genres have been injected with a new set of influence. Take for instance, straight edge hardcore... traditionally one of the most musically (as well as politically, socially, etc.) genres, nowadays you see plenty of straight edge bands incorporating influences from genres like crust, doom, and probably even more out-there things that I don't know about. I'm talking about all of this in relation to Quitter because they're very much a hardcore band--they're pretty much exclusively heavy and fast--but they also make use of a maniacal-sounding synth that reminds me very of the Screamers, who admittedly always seemed to be a hardcore band in approach and intensity if not in sound. It's totally killer, and it makes sense that this would come out on a record label owned by an Australian since, even though the band are from Baltimore, something sounds weirdly Australian about them. It's definitely of a piece with (though, again, doesn't sound wholly like) recent Australian stuff like Brando's Island, so if you like the deliberateness with which bands like that are eroding the boundaries between punk genres this is well worth checking out.
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