Question: S/T 12" (new)

Fashionable Idiots Records


Years in the making, this record displays a style of hardcore that has moved from the raw and primal angst of earlier records to a new level of structure and musicianship without losing any of its power or urgency. Furious catchy riffs, sick leads, ill breaks, critical beats, back up Saira’s introspective, and sometimes inspirational, lyrics yet coarse delivery. A lot of bands today hide their lack of chops behind a wall or reverb and distortion, Question employs driving hardcore with solid riffs eschewing this sleight of hand. Some of the structure reminds me of Totalitar, but unlike a lot of bands these days you can’t say this record “sounds just like…” some other popular or legendary band. For those who wish to rage in hell. -Felix Havoc

Our take: After a few earlier EPs, here's the debut 12" from Minneapolis's Question. I haven't revisited Question's earlier records in quite a while... the only thing I really remember about them were the distinctive vocals (do I remember someone saying the vocalist was in Detestation? or am I making that up?) and the fact that the music was really off-kilter and strange. That is also definitely the case with this long-player. I mean, there are comparisons to be drawn, for sure... there are definitely some Totalitär riffs in here, but it doesn't really every actually sound like Totalitär. Question never really lock into that heavy, fist-pumping d-beat rhythm... instead, their rhythms are kind of skittering and wild, the drummer sounding like they're playing slightly ahead of the beat and giving the whole band this loose, flailing vibe. If you like your d-beat way in the pocket a la the Anti-Cimex 12"s then this isn't going to be for you, but if you like your hardcore punk loose, scrappy, and boiling over with rage this should fit the bill.
Tags: 10s hardcore midwest minneapolis