Quango: Fatality 7"

FWP Records


3-song single from this short-lived London band and it sounds like a long-lost relic from 1978. The a-side is an absolute stunner, a jittery post-punk song with an insanely catchy lead guitar line and menacing, spoken vocals recounting a tube accident. The two songs on the b-sideare a little more rocked-out with a distinct Sex Pistols in?uence, sounding like the legions ofprovincial bands that started after the Pistols' rise to fame. The off-the-cuff genius on displayhere immediately brings to mind the classic singles on labels like Rough Trade, Fast Product, and Step Forward. FWP Records

NOTE: Sorry State is handling US distribution for this release, so if you're a store or distro and you want copies please get in touch!
Tags: 10s post-punk UK