Quango: Fatality 12"

Danger Records


Originally released in 2013 as a 7-inch on First World Problems, this 12-inch version also includes the unreleased ripper 'Viva Il Papa' from the same session. These tracks sound like lost relics from 1978. Jittery, menacing punk rock recommended if you like Warsaw, Crisis, Rondos, Six Minute War.

Our take: Those of you who have been following Sorry State for a long time may remember the original pressing of this Quango record, and if you were smart enough to pick it up way back when then dollars to donuts you fell in love with the song "Fatality." If there's a modern punk track that deserves to be in print until the end of time then that is it. It's so simple that it doesn't even make sense how good it is, but the combination of that rumbling bass line, the stinging lead guitar, and the flatly intoned prose vocals is just pure gold. Anyone who has heard it will tell you that it's one of the best punk songs of the past several years... I'm not exaggerating! The only problem with writing a song that good is that it makes you others look flat by comparison. "Living in a Shithole" is a good tune and as close as I've heard a modern band get to nailing second-wave, post-Pistols UK punk, and the other two tracks on the b-side (one of which did not appear on the original 7") are good, but don't come near the greatness of "Fatality." Fortunately this thing is fairly cheap for an import 12", but you could pay five times the price and it'd still be a bargain for a track as good as "Fatality."
Tags: '77&KBD 10s melodic post-punk recommended