Pyscho Sin: Forward to the Caves 12" (new)

General Speech Records


Classic New Jersey Hardcore! A sought after piece finally available again, complete with the original paste on covers. Includes a booklet and bonus CD with the classic LP and EP tracks, along with 50 other rare tracks never before available on CD. 73 tracks total!

Our take: Reissue of this New Jersey hardcore obscurity... apparently originals go for like $250. This is kind of interesting in that it sounds to me like Psycho Sin might have been hardcore by accident. In the interviews that are reproduced in the booklet that comes with this they seem to be motivated more by politics than anything else, and that fact--along with the totally chaotic nature of their music--makes me think of Crass. But, really, to me this sounds like it's some kind of suburban version of No Wave. The music sounds very untutored and while. I mean, I guess you could classify it as hardcore because it's loud and fast, but the songs are performed very loosely, to the point where they seem almost improvised in some places. They also have a keytar. I don't know if it's my cup of tea, really, but it's unique, I'll give it that, and picking this up is going to be a hell of a lot less of an investment than the original.
Tags: 80s fast hardcore raw reissues ushc