Pusrad: Errare Humanum Est 12"

Dead Beat Records

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2nd 12" from this great Swedish band. I know that a lot of people don't like Pusrad, and I guess that's understandable because their sound is a little goofy. If you haven't heard them, the "gimmick" (if you could call it that) is that the songs are VERY short (averaging about 20 seconds) and are built around all of these super tight little changes and stops and starts. It isn't particularly heavy, though, and even though it's very fast it doesn't really sound like hardcore. It's really sort of like an updated version of early Wire if they only did songs like "Field Day for the Sundays" and "Surgeon's Girl." On the surface it sounds like an incredibly limiting framework, but every time a new Pusrad record comes out it astounds me how much they can do within it. Listening to this is kind of exhausting because it goes by fast, but there are so many great hooks that you can't help but play the record over and over... I'm on my fourth or fifth consecutive listen as I type this. I feel like every new Pusrad record has been better than the last, and this continues that trend. Recommended.

Tags: 10s bf16 hardcore punk recommended Scandinavia sweden