Pusrad: Dömd 12"

Gaphals Records

$10.00 $20.00

Finally, a 12" from this blistering, utterly unique Swedish HC band. 19 songs, but with song lengths averaging somewhere in the 15-20 second range this thing barely feels more substantial than their 2 7"s, and like those records I just keep flipping this thing over and over again. If you haven't heard Pusrad, they have an utterly unique style and sound, playing ultra-brief songs with simple but catchy riffs and vocal patterns. Most of these songs could probably be stretched out to really good 90-second hardcore tunes, but rather than playing the same part over and over Pusrad just move straight into the next song. They even branch out here a melodic moment or two, but the bulk of this is some of the tightest stop-on-a-dime hardcore I've ever heard. So, basically, if you like this band already you won't be disappointed by this record, as it has everything you want while appropriately expanding the sound for the 12" format. Gaphals Records

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