Purling Hiss: Paisley Montage 12"

Richie Records


A slight return to the red-hot, fried and twisted garage/psych/punk blasts weäó»ve come to expect from MIKE POLIZZEäó»s PURLING HISS. Heäó»s way off the leash on this one, up Hiss creek with nobody to paddle home. Recorded in various Philadelphia-area basements and menäó»s rooms over the course of 2007-11, the sessions were stunted and aborted as each successive borrowed practice amp blew smoke and crapped out under the strain of Polizzeäó»s fiery fret work. Originally a cassette-only release, but just about every tape was quickly scattered and smashed along the Schuykill Expressway after being left on the roof of the tour van. Edition of 500 copies.

Tags: 10 garage psych