Pure Pressure: demo cassette



Demo cassette from this new Toronto band featuring members of SHIT, Desgraciados, Severe, Weak Link, etc.

Our take: Demo cassette from this new band out of Toronto, and it's a ripper. For some reason this has a real Y2K feel to me... the way that the band alternates between super-fast, Heresy-style thrashing and catchier mid-paced parts definitely makes me think of bands like Life's Halt and Tear It Up. Basically, I always thought of that era of hardcore as the scene kind of working the last little bit of youth crew influence out of its system before the full-on retro hardcore of the No Way Years, and I can definitely hear that residual youth crew influence in Pure Pressure. I don't think that anyone would mistake them for a Rev band or anything, but I'm guessing that these people probably have Youth of Today records in their collection (I mean, the buildup to the mosh break in "Searching" is a dead giveaway if you ask me), but they probably don't listen to them as much as their Antidote and Urban Waste records. So, if you like your USHC completely undiluted then this might not tickle you right where you like it, but if you can get down with the aforementioned bands this is a pretty ripping little demo.
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