Pure Disgust: S/T 7"

Flophouse Records


After a highly-regarded demo, here's the debut 7" EP from DC's Pure Digust. This band has been getting quite a lot of hype lately, and with good reason... this is some explosive, energetic hardcore PUNK. They do remind me a bit of their DC forbears in 86 Mentality, not so much because they sound like a tribute act (and I know that there have been a lot of virtual 86 Mentality tribute bands in the past few years) but because, like 86, they have this great way of playing pretty much straight up punk but presenting it in a hardcore context that is bound to make both the punx and hardcore kids love it. While this is definitely a hardcore record, musically this is really just super fast punk a la the Teen Idles or something, and there's even a great cover of "No Feelings" by the Sex Pistols at the end! The production is also perfectly spot-on... powerful without being overproduced... it really sounds like a classic Don Zientara recording, and if Dischord dropped two of three of these tracks in the middle of the next pressing of Flex Your Head I doubt many people would even notice. If this is your sound (and it's definitely mine!) I would highly recommend picking this up.

Tags: 10s bf16 hardcore punk recommended ushc