Pure Disgust: S/T 12" (new)

Katorga Works Records


With an ideological stance that is both topical and timeless, Washington, D.C.'s Pure Disgust combats racist AmeriKKKa with both lyrics that border on uncomfortably real and a masterful approach to hardcore punk that has planted them firmly in the vanguard of the new era of DCHC. Their debut LP sees the band expanding their musical palette to incorporate elements not unlike those that birthed Feel The Darkness and creates one of the most vital punk releases today.

Our take: For whatever reason, I've just never been able to get down with Pure Disgust as hard as most people I know. While this LP is undeniably well-recorded and powerful, that pattern continues... and honestly I'm a little baffled because I want to like this more than I do, but when I listen for some reason all I can hear is this slight whiff of Pennywise-type melodic hardcore in the riffing that I have a hard time getting over. Obviously the problem is with me, because people absolutely love this band, and for good reason... if you're looking for fast, catchy, early 80s-inspired hardcore with gruff yet somehow catchy vocals a la 86 Mentality, Pure Disgust pretty much nail it. And even if can't get over my weird hang-up about the riffs, I can definitely get behind the lyrics on this 100%. Hardcore of this stripe generally couldn't be more lyrically conservative, but Pure Disgust is downright transgressive. I'd imagine that the audience at their shows is overwhelmingly white, and getting them to sing along to lyrics like, "white silence is compliance / white silence is violence," is by no means an easy thing to do, and I hope Pure Disgust's lyrics do serve as a necessary correction to to the vague, boring, frankly pointless lyrics that characterize most hardcore bands these days.
Tags: 10s hardcore recommended ushc