Pure Disgust: Chained 7"

Katorga Works Records


Washington, DC's best and brightest, Pure Disgust, returns with their second EP, Chained. Blistering hardcore punk is the name of the game here, but with the added melodic elements of UK77 to keep things catchy. Certainly, this is their strongest recorded material. What makes Pure Disgust truly exceptional, however, is the lyrical content, which channels the collective suffering and frustrations of Black America in a time of 21st Century Slavery. Despite overlapping territories and intertwined history, the punk political mind, blinders on, is devoid of any substantive critique of perhaps the most pressing issue(s) in America today, so be grateful for Pure Disgust for making you uncomfortable with your place in society and what it means for Others.

Our take: 2nd 7" from this DC band, and the name of the game is skinhead hardcore. Even if I didn't know a couple of the members already, I would be willing to bet large sums of money that the members of this band have both 86 Mentality and Violent Reaction records in their collection. As on their first EP they do a great job... great production, solid riffs, etc., which is to be expected since this band is composed largely of now-seasoned members of the NWODCHC scene. I do wish there was a little more of the out-there sensibility of their 1st EP (which featured a cool and unexpected Sex Pistols cover), but anyone into the aforementioned bands certainly won't be disappointed.
Tags: 10s DC hardcore punk