Pura Maní_a: Ratas De Dos Patas Cassette

CV Records


Man, this is one of my most anticipated releases of recent times... based on a couple of live videos I saw of this Vancouver band (who actually feature a member from noisy HC band Fracaso), I immediately pegged Pura Mania as one of the most exciting bands I've heard in ages. The music is both familiar and fresh at the same time, a really cool combination of simple and powerful punk in the classic Spanish tradition (i.e. Eskorbuto, RIP, etc.), but there's a kind of new wave flair to the songwriting and arrangements that keeps things super melodic fun. I don't really mean goth make-up new wave, but rather the hard, melodic, and complex early stuff like Magazine, PIL's first single, etc. Seriously, get this...

Tags: 10s Canada raw recommended spanish-langage