Punch in the Face: Live on Radio K 12"

Counterfeit Garbage Records


The first vinyl release from the new Counterfeit Garbage record label, and if you've followed that zine over the years you'll find it fitting that they choose to inaugurate their label with a slab of tough, no-nonsense and hype-averse HC band like Punch in the Face. I dug PITF when they were around, but listening to this stuff now they sound so ahead of their time... like 86 Mentality, they seem to fit perfectly with the modern wave of aggro, skinhead-style HC bands like Violent Future and Violent Reaction. As for the LP, the a-side is devoted to an extremely well-recorded radio set, while the b-side contains PITF's demo tape. In addition to that you get a lengthy zine with a ton of photos, fliers, and discographical information, laid out in the typical Counterfeit Garbage style. Counterfeit Garbage Records

Tags: 00s oi! reissues USA USHC