Public Suicide: S/T 7"

Caught Up Records

$3.00 $5.50

Debut 7" from another one of those one-man-bands that all of the straight edge kids love these days... this one comes to us courtesy of Robin Zeijlon, who you might know from a whole heap of DC bands, including the live lineup of another one-man band, Protester. Given the similar format it's tough not to mention Public Suicide and Protester in the same breath, but PS is a different beast. Both obviously have their roots in a combination of early 80s NYHC and straight edge, but the combination of near-blast-speed beats and meaty mosh riffs gives this a feel that's distinctly more Infest than Agnostic Front. Obviously this band are traversing down a well-trodden path, but a beefy recording and tight performance keep it interesting. If you aren't into this style of straight edge hardcore then this record probably isn't for you, but if that's your jam this record is quite the beast.

Tags: 10s gb325 hardcore sxe yoobl