Public Eye: Mood Change Party cassette

Sabotage Records

$5.10 $6.00

Demo cassette from this new Portland band featuring members of Autistic Youth and many others. Powerful, melodic punk in the tradition of that band, but way more accomplished in terms of songwriting.

Our take: Debut cassette from this new Portland band, released on a German label. Public Eye boast former members of Autistic Youth, and that connection is quite clear... Public Eye are definitely in that same dark pop mold that Autistic Youth and the Observers were in. However, it's a lot more fleshed-out than that reference would have you believe... Autistic Youth sometimes felt a bit like an Observers tribute band, but with Public Eye it seems like the band has digested their influences a lot more and cast a much wider net in terms of their sound. In particular, I'm hearing a lot of the punkier end of first-gen UK post-punk... bands like Wire, the early Mekons stuff, a lot of early Rough Trade bands... basically a similar palette of influences as bands like Parquet Courts or maybe even early Ex-Cult. The sound is clean, precise, and borderline-mechanical, yet still melodic... again, Pink Flag-era Wire is the obvious point of comparison. Each of the five songs on this demo are quite different from one another, and all hint at really interesting directions for the band. It's also pristinely recorded... it's kind of criminal that this is only an import cassette and not on vinyl, but I have a feeling you'll be hearing more from this band soon. Highly recommended.
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