Public Execution: Discography 12"

La Vida Es Un Mus


Discography release from this early Australian punk band, comprising their rare single as well as an even rarer tape. This is a real obscurity, and I don't think I'd even heard of this band before, which is a shame because this absolutely rules. It's kind in this weird place between styles... you can definitely hear a lot of residual '77 punk influence, but there's also something in it that reminds me of the catchier anarcho-punk bands like Anthrax or the Subhumans. But then again it also has more than a passing similarity to 1st-gen Europunk like Lost Kids or Ivy Green. In case those references don't get you anywhere, I'll say that this is upbeat, aggressive, simple, yet extremely melodic, and of course the raw production is perfectly spot on. This guy is pricey, but it's reflected in the packaging which features super heavy textured stock and a rad booklet full of lyrics, photos, and liner notes. If you dig obscure early punk or 80s anarcho I'd highly recommend checking this out.

Tags: 80s anarcho australia/nz reissues